UPDATE: 3/17/2018    
Our 2018 Welcome Page...
We are celebrating out first decade...we have been supporting WebCam streams for more than 10 years.
                                                  Cam Radio Net is the original.

The Cam Radio Info program may be downloaded from this website. You can use it to view camera members over the Internet without using a browser or special network tools. You will be required to install Dot Net Framework 4.0 or higher. This is a Windows application only. It may be applied to all Windows versions 32/64 bit from XP to Win X.
Hardware does make a difference and of course a fast and dependable ISP is required. Download speeds do matter.

There are no rules for applying Cam Radio Info. This is a "show and tell" application. Everyone sees the content or you turn off your stream. That simple. You cannot use Cam Radio Info to stream video, this is a player only. By design it was meant to speed up content and allow members to check live streams without the bottleneck of a "browser". In short is is a streamlined HTTP display tool!!!

If you wish to stream on our network there are a few things you must know...
First and foremost, you must have a DNS or a free DDNS server application running and applied. We recommend you obtain a free DNS "Domain Name Server" from they have over 100 server names to choose from. You simply apply your personal prefix..."", fill out the application and you are ready to stream...well almost!!

You will need a device attached to your computer that will stream over the Internet using UDP/TCP protocols. The stream must be HTTP. There are several Web Cam stream applications out there. You have to decide what is best for you. We recommend WebcamXP for Windows 7/10. The download is free and you can use the freeware version to stream one device. Other applications like Yawcam and ManyCam are also worth a look. What you choose is not important, what you must remember, we do not stream forward using commercial application so don't bring any of those Flash Player Camera programs here...we stream HTTP only.

If you decide to join us you will be required to contact us. The Floating Menu panel can be accessed from the Logo above. Click the logo for our Web Cam ticker...

What CAM RADIO does not offer: We do not offer nor do we support VOIP. We do not maintain a CHAT SERVER.
CAM Radio Net is a basic WEB-CAM (visual device) server. We do not generate the stream, you do, we simply
offer a dedicated application eliminating the need for an Internet Browser. We do not require Flash or Java.

                        This web server is designed to support the Cam Radio Info application.

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